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  Post angielska wersja Listu Otwartego - Wysłany: Sob 10:21, 20 Lip 2013  

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OPEN LETTER GUARDIANS excluded. We appeal to all to whom the fate of people with disabilities is not indifferent to help caregivers excluded Disability help in the fight against the hypocrisy of the authorities, especially in the person of Prime Minister Donald Tusk, whose call to return the received performance to allow us to care for the care of person with a disability. Guardian of a disabled person, it is usually a family member, which by the love of his close can not remain indifferent to the suffering, helplessness, dependency, disability. Metabolic disorders guided by family ties make an informed choice of their way of life, and dispensing with life (often a major limitation of his personal life) to carry out the clock care for the disabled. A disabled person is one who has the judgment of the Team for stating for Niepełnopoprawności in a significant way, while indicating the need for a permanent or long-term carer participation in the process of treatment, rehabilitation and education and to assist in meeting the needs of human existence, which alone can not meet the disability of Due to its health restrictions. To date, the Polish legislation, each of carers who undertook the care and meet a number of statutory requirements (including the prohibition of paid work) could count on state aid in the form of the provision of care, paid a very low amount, because only 520 zł per month and pay pension contributions on that amount of health benefits. It was a modest aid, but essential for a limited household budget, was a partial compensation for loss of earnings by the supervisor, who is taking care had to be deprived of livelihoods. The main majority of caregivers received the right to provide care "permanent", which was in line with the content of the Family Benefits Act. In 2011, just before the elections to the parliament of Poland, during the election campaign, the Prime Minister, coming face to face with Us caregivers assured the public that our work, effort and dedication to the State recognizes and considers it a kind of work, and will not treat us as beneficiaries (here's the proof: [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] end-of-benefits-for-cared for-the-disabled, 1.html), commitments have been made. Please note that the Prime Minister described himself clearly speaking of the caregivers in the number of "more than 170 000" people, therefore ALL caregivers of people with disabilities, what kind of time they had granted this benefit, without any breakdown. Our situation has changed dramatically from the moment when the PO (in part thanks to the support of our votes) won the election. After winning wybobarach in the opinion of the projects, suddenly found that caregivers Disabled adults are crooks, swindlers, freeloaders, journalists, students Searchable by force disabilities in their families and without the benefit of actual phishing care benefits from the state. It is insulting to all affected caregivers insult our dignity, slander by the party OP has nothing to do with reality. So why this is the case, attributing We invented the unlawful behavior? How AFTER following the speculation and for us the obvious fraud and an attempt to manipulate public opinion, conducted a cunning plan of attack: found that easier to support 17% of carers (especially as it is this group of caregivers has a demonstration before the Parliament and created the media coverage, we can not LEAVE FROM THE BEDS!!) and bask in the media as the government "takes care" of people with disabilities, than 100% of carers who are honest. Not to be ungrounded must know that in 2012 the Administrative Court in Poznań applied to the Constitutional Court the question of law designated P38/12 arguing that the division created by the OP is unconstitutional, that the PO did not have and do not have the right to share guardians, differentiate them because there is no statutory authority for this, and in addition the government's bailout plan for breaking such rules as social justice and the principle of equality before the law and guided assistance without income criteria to a group of carers who are in a better financial situation and skip the poor. The real drama took place January 1, 2013, when the government (PO and PSL) with the participation of the President of the amended Act deprived the family benefits (Journal of Laws of 2012, pos. 1548) about an estimated 120 000 to 150 000 carers of people with disabilities, whose disability was on completion of 18 years of age (or if you studied in school after completing 25 years of age) ACQUIRED THE RIGHT TO PROVIDE care. Yes, dear Madam, the Polish Government (PO-PSL) and President Bronislaw Komorowski has deprived some 150,000 carers had already acquired the right to provide care, which under the final administrative HAD ALREADY ASSIGNED "permanent" (ie the 520 zł), and thus made a real danger that the guardians you, due to the absence of any means of livelihood due to lack of insurance will be forced to LEAVE YOUR LOVED ONES WITH DISABILITIES WITHOUT CARE and seek employment, or to give people with disabilities the Social Houses (cost of living according to estimates, about 4 000 PLN , where there is a chronic shortage of them, and municipalities do not have the funds to subsidize people there przebywajcych. Special care allowance has been formulated in the law so that virtually none of the present guardians could not get it because: a) introduced the criterion of 623 zł net income per family member with a disability, including the family caregiver (be it together from a few to several even people)! b) A requirement cessation of employment (in the case of the provision of care requirement is broader in that it lays down the conditions of employment of not resign OR) and who does not have a certificate of registered job title for dismissal on grounds "care for the disabled" in recognition of the Ministry of Labour and Departments of Family Benefits, has the right to obtain special care allowance. Even if the family caregiver and disabled himself and his family are extremely poor, the guardian, who took the Polish state acquired rights by regulating MLSP will soon have somewhere to hire, and release (for people with disabilities are so severe condition that they will not survive ) to be able to continue providing care to their loved ones with disabilities who cared so far for many years (it looks like Polish absurd, Polish law, Polish "care" about the weakest niepełnsprawnych). We, the caregivers of people with disabilities, clearly presents a logical view (cynical argument against the government) that there is no difference in the decision to "cessation of employment due to the necessity of taking care of the disabled" or a "child" or "adult" or "18 year old "or" 25 year old "or and 50, 60, 80, 90 year old, because they are all disabled, and all in accordance with the ruling Teams Deciding on Disability Affairs may not, without the daily, constant help yourself to exist and often threatens not only human health but most of all life. In addition, we are of the view that it is impossible to determine the date when the validity of disability law to provide care, sharing caregivers in the present manner, depending on the age at which disability was ward, if you do not control the actual situation, material, because such a practice is unfair socially and leads to discrimination and privilege one other caregivers flu characterized by Relevant feature, and therefore violates the constitutional principle of equality.June 24, 2013, the Ombudsman Mrs. prof.Irena Lipowicz applied for w / s PA to the Constitutional Court for non-compliance with the Constitution. . Problem is that one knows when / the application will appear on the docket, and WE CAN NOT WAIT! EVERY DAY DELAY IS FOR U.S. drama! We, the caregivers of people with disabilities, we will not allow to exclude the lies that govern life in society, we will not allow anyone to accuse, do not leave your loved ones with disabilities because of political games with the club on the PSL, who despite the great harm done to disabled people only consider the search political support, creating hypocritical media image and not the good of all its citizens, and therefore:1 We demand equal treatment. 2 We demand respect for the Republic of Polish law and trust in the state by citizens. 3 We demand the maintenance of acquired rights carers. 4 We demand recognition of our care as work (which has been already announced by the Minister Donald Tusk in 2011), to pay for our "work" Our dedication and appreciation. 5 We demand fair treatment of the elderly, the disabled and their carers, without discrimination or favoritism based on age. 6 We demand respect for the present government and the president of the Constitution. We excluded the so-called guardians. "Adult" disabilities feel humiliated. It is easier for us from the so-called guardians disabled. "Children". Retirement and disability benefits our children are not able to provide a decent life for our loved ones, and even more so for us. Money in our care for them are not able to provide humane conditions of existence: the fees, medicines, food, rehabilitation and equipment to it. The 623 zł per person, we are not able to provide a decent life or yourself or dependents. We want to live with dignity, we will not dependents our children draining their profits at the expense of their health. Both my caregivers and loved ones with disabilities, we are already very hard life and did not want to live in squalor excluded by the Polish State. I will try to AGING AND DISABILITY, DO dignified, beautiful ... Give AWAY THOSE WHO NEED THIS. GUARDIANS EXCLUDED.
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